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Sara Quinteros LLC & Little Chef’s Kitchen welcomes requests for use of its nutrition and hospitality/culinary documents, education material, and recipes as well as other copyrighted material in publications, on packaging material and on websites.


Licensing Opportunities: It is Sara Quinteros LLC & Little Chef’s Kitchen policy to require a Licensing Agreement and a small royalty fee for any commercial use of any of its copyrighted material. We will be pleased to discuss this kind of opportunity with you in greater detail.


Permissions: Permission to use any of Sara Quinteros LLC & Little Chef’s Kitchen copyrighted material may be granted on a case-by-case basis only after approval of a written request. Permissions for use in educational and non-commercial publications are usually granted free of charge. Sara Quinteros LLC & Little Chef’s Kitchen may require a small fee, and possibly a Licensing Agreement, for use in commercial publications, depending on the nature of the publication. Requests for permissions must include the title of the publication, name of author, publisher, and expected cost and circulation, specifying which copyrighted material you request to use.


Please direct requests and inquiries to or

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